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Monthly Spotlights: May Favorites!

Hello Dolls!

Welcome to my new segment called the monthly spotlight. This is a chance for me to share with you dolls, about the great products or resumes that I have been enjoying this past month. This may involve hair care, skin care, fashion, home decor, routines, and anything else you can think of lol. If you enjoyed my March Favorites that I premiered on my YouTube channel then you will LOVE this one even more!

I also premiered this MAY FAVORITES on my YouTube channel, so feel free to watch my review on all of these products!




UltaBeauty • $17.99

As I mentioned in this latest episode, I have used this deep conditioner for about TWO YEARS NOW. {Plz Don’t Cringe} I alternated with other hair masks depending on my hair needs at that time.

Overall, if your hair needs hydration and a bit of strengthening this one is a great purchase. Given the naturally derived ingredients, the texture and the results, the price point is fair.

The smell of it is heavenly. I can’t completely pinpoint it, but it smells like a combination of sweet honey, shea butter & love.

After shampooing, I would apply the product in my hair and promptly cover it with a deep conditioning cap. I would leave this in my hair for about 10 minutes. My hair would instantly feel moisturize, smooth and soft. It would also make detangling my hair a lot easier. We all know detangling is a process, so anything that helps it is a plus.

EN TIP: I’ve found it easier & quicker to detangle your hair in the shower while lightly washing away the conditioner!


A Good Cup of Tea + a Good Verse Along with It

Proverbs Tea-for-One Teapot Set $22.48 Bible Verse Mug Set $24.37

A good cup of tea is something that I crave every single day. Within my Caribbean-traditional household, growing up my mother valued a good cup of tea. It was the perfect way to finish off a nice big dinner and to start a new day. That tradition has carried on into my lifestyle. So having the perfect casual tea cup and saucer set is something that I value.

This is a must-have for any feminine lady’s household.

It’s important that we’re taking time to spend with God every single day. So throughout the day when I’m having my perfect cup of tea, it is so nice to glance down and see a piece of scripture. This would also be a great gift idea!



Yeouth Hyaluronic Acid Serum

1oz: $14.95

2oz: $21.95

YEOUTH skincare gifted me with this about a month and a half ago. They requested my honest review on this pure 100% hyaluronic acid serum.

I was very excited to try this new skin care product simply because I’ve never tried this type of serum before. Now I’ve seen multiple YouTube channel is talk about hyaluronic acid within their skin care routine. Yet I never got around to trying it. I haven’t had a moisture issues in a long time and if I ever do, it’s very minimal and it’s usually fixed with a massage of raw African Shea butter. Yet I was still very excited to try out a type of serum that has been raved about for a while now.

The texture of the serum is very silky and smooth. It feels really nice going on to the face and then it dries down to a slightly tacky texture. they drive down texture is not anything that I would run from simply because it’s very minimal and you’re supposed to follow any hyaluronic acid serum with a good moisturizer.

SKIN TYPE: NORMAL (At times it can be dry/ lack moisture)

So I use this for about a month and followed it up with my raw African Shea butter and continued on with my normal skin care routine. After a while of using it I did notice a small build up of texture/bumps on the lower half of my face. Honestly that frightened me because I am very big about smooth, pore-less and texture-free skin.

SIDE NOTE: My skin tends to only agree with products with naturally derived ingredients. I’m not too sure how old the hyaluronic acid fits into that equation, but I have used AHAs, BHAs and lactic acid before.

I have gone through a horrible skin purge before due to using new skin care products and I am not willing to suffer through that once again. This was the only difference in my skin care routine, therefore my only fair deduction I can make is that the hyaluronic acid serum caused my skin to break out in irritation.

I will say prior to the skin care irritation, I did enjoy layering the hyaluronic acid with the raw African Shea butter whenever my skin did feel a bit dehydrated.

Afterwards, I stopped using the serum in fear of another skin purge. As I mentioned in my episode, I passed it along to my husband since he is really getting into skin care now LOL. Maybe my skin and the serum are not agreeing with each other. So maybe it will work better for him. After about three weeks I will update you Dolls and let you know how if he has been enjoying it.




PLEASE STOP SLEEPING on POWDER FOUNDATIONS!!! It is literally the perfect everyday, quick and easy makeup. If you Dolls seen my easy lazy-day feminine makeup tutorial and blog post, you’ll see that I love minimal effort makeup products. This product is now added into my everyday makeup routine.

Overall I love the way I get to adjust my desired coverage that I need depending on the day. I simply love powder foundation products because of the minimal effort you have to put in to getting your desired results. I love the fact that this product creates a seamless and flawless base.

Watch my full review on this product!

Overall I love the way I get to adjust my desired coverage that I need depending on the day. I simply love powder foundation products because of the minimal effort you have to put in to getting your desired results. I love the fact that this product creates a seamless and flawless base.

Watch my full review on this product!


I Choose to Care for My Hands, CONSTANTLY.

Who else buys something for good self-care intentions, but then never uses it?

This was a habit that I had with this French lavender scented hand lotion by Sienna Hills. Its funny because whenever I would go to a hotel, a friends house, or an upscale restaurant, I would see hand lotion beside the restroom sink for after washing your hands. I would automatically be delighted by the thoughtfulness. I would always happily apply it to my hands after washing them.

Unfortunately, whenever I placed fancy hand lotion within my bathroom at home, I literally NEVER used it. After having it for about six months and only using it less than three times, I decided to place it beside the kitchen sink in hopes that I would gravitate to it after washing dishes. Yet, I literally never used it when it was perched beside my kitchen sink.

I finally dragged the hand lotion to my vanity and voilà!

Every time I walk by or sit at my vanity, I am gravitated to applying the French lavender hand lotion to my hands.

Not only is it good to moisturize and take care of your hands especially because it is the one of the first ways to clock a woman’s age

But when you choose a hand lotion with a delightful scent it can instantly refresh you.

Since the smell of my hand lotion is lavender, it instantly gives me a calming and relaxing feeling. Honestly, it just reminds me to breathe and helps me recenter myself throughout the day.

I’m so happy I finally found the perfect place for my lotion which reminds me to refresh myself and to take care of myself. I guess you can say it’s the little things.


What are one of your favorite monthly spotlights that I mentioned? What was one of your personal favorites within the month of May? Comment down below & Let’s Chat Doll.

Always with Love,

Ebony Nikita


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