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Tory Burch Fleming Convertible Shoulder Bag Review

tory burch Fleming review

Hello Dolls,

Recently, in a video I shared, "What's in My Bag + Feminine Purse Essentials" featuring the Tory Burch Fleming Convertible Shoulder Purse.

I've been carrying around this handbag for years now. This is my go-to purse. I wear this when I'm going shopping, going out for brunch or going to the grocery store.

This style is one of Tory Burch's best-sellers and for good reason. It's a feminine, chic and structured bag that is bound to fit in well with any lady's wardrobe. It comes in multiple colors, like black, gray, cream, red, yellow, and the list goes on and on. In the past, the purse has came in seasonal colors like navy, blush pink, white and floral.

Today I'll be sharing my full HONEST review on this gorgeous bag along with a pros & cons list.


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COST: $528


1 exterior pocket; 2 interior slit pockets, 1 zipper pocket

SIZE: 7.2" height; 10.8" length; 3.3" depth





​Convertible strap

​Tricky Opening & Closing

Spacious Interior ​


Suitable for Multiple Occasions

Weight Issues

Large Back Pocket


Let's Begin with My Favorites...


Convertible strap

I love the fact that I can wear this purse as a shoulder bag or a crossbody. This makes this bag very versatile for various occasions. When I'm moving around, like putting groceries in my car, I simple adjust the strap into it's long form and wear it as a crossbody. Its a simple feature, but its most practical and very convienant. For those more dressy formal occasions, I wear this purse as a shoulder bag.

Spacious Interior

If you watched my video, you'd see this purse holds A LOT! I can fit my planner, makeup pouch, AirPods, long wallet, TWO I-phones in there and then some. I can also add in my kindle tablet too! You can hold your everyday essentials without feeling like you have to compromise. This is a medium-size purse, a bit on the smaller medium side, and its travel-friendly and everyday life-friendly.

Suitable for Multiple Occasions

This is truly the perfect size and perfect style. Wear this on a casual lunch date or on a romantic date night out. Wear this in the office or to the grocery store. The strap makes this purse so versatile and the size allows it to be very practical. This purse's style is feminine, chic and a style booster to any lady's wardrobe. It's a no-brainer choice for me when I'm picking out an outfit for an event or running errands for the day.

Large Back Pocket

This large back pocket might as well be the best thing since sliced bread. Its FUNCTIONAL and still visually appealing. This pocket runs deep and often times, it eats my spare change and face masks. I can fit both of my I-phone XR and my I-phone 8 in this pocket. It's very useful for storing phones, AirPods, lip balms, or other purse necessities that you take in and out throughout the day. Oh, if only every purse could have a back pocket like this one.


Let's Chat About The Downsides...


Tricky to Close

As much as I LOVE the space and functionality of this purse, the one thing it lacks is an easy-to-use closing. Its not every time, be every OTHER time, I have to close this purse, it gives my problems :( It has a magnetic closure, which is great, but it you don't get the positioning just right, then it will not close properly.

Often times, I have to stop what I'm doing and concentrate on closing my purse properly. This can be quiet frustrating especially since I like my everyday purses to be low-maintaince and convienant. Its easy to open, but it can be tricky to close as times.

I will mention that my purse isn't the latest edition of the Fleming bag. Tory Burch released a newer version of this purse in 2020. I haven't taken a good look at the newer versions in person, but I really hope the closure has been improved since this bag is truly a favorite. (I will update you once I get a chance to view it in person!)


This bag does take a beating in scratches. Whether its from your keys or fingernails, it will get small, micro or big scratches. Luckily, in certain light, the scratches doesn't not show. In my thumbnail, my picture is unedited so you'll be able to see the scratches on it. They are NOT VERY NOTICEABLE in real life. I have long nails, so the back pocket has definitely taken a beating from me frequently reaching in and out of it. I do plan on getting a leather conditioner to give my darling purse a face lift.

Weight Issues

This is much less of a con. With ANY PURSE, if you OVERSTUFF it, it will reach it's weight limit before it begins to deform or have carrying issues. Again, this purse fits A LOT. When I (naughtily) OVERSTUFF my purse, I cannot wear it as a crossbody because the chain isn't strong enough to carry the extra weight and the middle of the purse will begin to crease. Yet, I can STILL overstuff my purse and carry it as a shoulder bag due to the double chains it has in this style of carrying. Again, I'm sure I could carry a shitzu in my purse before it gives out.



I love this purse. Simple as that. It has a lot of more pros than cons. Its a versatile purse that you can wear on multiple occasions. Its functional, stylish and fits all of your necessities and then some. The biggest con to me is the tricky closure, but it doesn't deter me from using this bag every day. It isn't too big of a deal for me since it only gives me trouble ever so often, but I do hope the newer versions has an easier closure.

This purse is DOLL APPROVED!

If you're looking for a stylish, feminine, chic purse suitable for your casual and dressy days in life, then I would highly recommend this one.

What are your thoughts on my "Whats in My Bag" video?

Are you in love with this Tory Burch Purse?

Have any questions for me?

Comment below!

& Let's Chat, Doll.

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