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The Medium Lady Dior in Latte Lambskin Review

Hello Dolls,

In my latest feminine fashion video, I compare and contrast the small black Lady Dior to the this gorgeous medium white Lady Dior.

I've already done an in-depth review video and blog post of the small Lady Dior, so today, let's go over this darling white Lady Dior.

I've always wanted a timeless and classic white handbag and I was elated to finally add this Lady Dior into my 'Capsule Forever' handbag collection. I felt Dior's feminine Cannage quilting would be the best design for such a light-colored purse.

I always thought I would get a small-sized white handbag, since I would primarily wear the white handbag for more formal and dressy occasions. Yet, I'm really happy I chose it in the medium size.

To experience the Lady Dior in a larger size really gives you a better insight for your next purchase. Its extra space is of course very convenient for us bloggers, bloggers and those who refuse to 'travel light'.

I go over 'What Fits Inside?' of the Medium Lady Dior in the 'Small vs Medium Lady Dior video'.

The Wear of White Lambskin

I do notice the white lambskin shows more creases and you do have to be more careful with it. I'm much more cautious with makeup on my hands, lotions and possible marks when I'm out and about. For every light-colored handbag you have to be a bit more careful.

The Care & Caution

I keep my handbags stored in the dust bag. When I wear my luxury handbags out, I actually travel with the dust bag in the car. Once I get to the venue, restaurant or the shopping area, I take out my handbag to wear.

I usually don't wear this handbag as a crossbody. I want to avoid color transfer from my clothing. Also, with my style and outfits, handbags usually look best held as a top-handle or in the crook of my arm. I primarily wear light-colored clothing so I don't really worry too much about color transfer. So far I haven't experienced any color-transfer.

How to Style

I love wearing the white lady dior with bright colored outfits, or for a 2-color look or a monochromatic look. In my Chanel-inspired Outfit lookbook, you can see how I style the white handbag with my ensembles.

Is a White Lambskin Handbag worth the Investment?

Owning a white designer is essential to my Forever Handbag collection. Many luxury handbag-lovers are afraid of yellowing, color-transfer, stains, scuffs & marks. This came to my mind prior to purchasing. Yet, I knew owning a white designer purse would suit the tremendous need in my Forever wardrobe.

This is not my everyday handbag by any means.

So I don't get everyday-wear results on this occassional-wear handbag. Therefore, I've set my expectations for the lifetime wear for this handbag.

I do wear this handbag more often in the spring and summer season, but I also wear it occasionally in the fall and winter season.

It is an elegant, dressy handbag and that's a fine investment for me. As long as I take care of my handbag during and after every wear and store it properly, then I see this handbag lasting for many years to come.

I truly don't believe any handbag is worth over $5000. Yet, if you're willing to spurlge on one piece, I would highly recommend the Medium Lady Dior over the Small Lady Dior.

For a comparison of the Small vs Medium Lady Dior, be sure to watch my latest Dior Handbag Comparison video.

As for the Small Lady Dior, I go over the 5-year wear update, pros & cons and the mod shots, in this blog post.

To see it up close & personal, I have it on display and in details in my 'What's in My Lady Dior' video.


Are you in love with this Medium Lady Dior in Latte?

Are you considering adding this to your collection?

Are you team Small or Medium Lady Dior or Both!

Drop your Qs in the comment section & I'll send my As!

Comment below & Lets Chat Dolls


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