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What’s in My Lady Dior - Review, Pros & Cons, Mod Shots

Hello Dolls,

The Lady Dior is considered to be the most iconic, classic & timeless handbag from The House of Christian Dior.

This design was orginally made and gifted to Princess Diana of the Royal British Family in 1995. It was then given the name ‘Lady Dior’.


The iconic cannage quilting adorns the lambskin purse,

giving this simple

box-shape handbag

a bold design.

The ‘DIOR’ charms gracefully hangs from the right side of the handles.

The LADY DIOR Details


20 x 17 x 8 cm / 8 x 6.5 x 3 inches


Mini, Small, Medium, Large


Currently comes in 9 solid colors.


In the newest edition, the ‘My ABC’ Lady Dior comes with a wide shoulder strap with customizable charms.

To see my overview & honest thoughts on my Lady Dior, watch my latest upload ‘Whats in My Lady Dior


Small Lady Dior in Lambskin with Champagne Gold Hardware

The small Lady Dior can fit my most needed essentials


Comfortably, My Lady Dior holds

- iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro Max

- Compact wallet

- Cardholder

- Sunglasses

- Compact Foundation


-Lip Balm

- Mini perfume

Items the Lady Dior can fit

- Compact Wallet


- Key Pouch

- Rollerball perfume

- Mini Makeup Pouch

- Compact Mirror

-Pocket Planner

- Kindle

-iPad mini

-Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette (tight fit)

The Lady Dior cannot fit:

- Water Bottle 16.9 oz

- Small Planner 8x5"

- iPad, iPad Air, or iPad Pro

Remember you NEVER want to overstuff your handbag or try to squeeze too many items in. This could potentially cause sagging & misshape your purse over time.


The Lady Dior pairs well with ensembles for formal occasions such as, weddings, bridal showers, Derby events, anniversaries, formal balls and other events.

I'm also able to wear the Lady Dior to date nights, brunch dates, shopping trips, dressy casual rendezvous and more.

Whether I'm wearing a dressy blouse and skirt, an elegant dress, or my everyday dress, the Lady Dior instantly adds regal elegance to any outfit choice.


As I discussed in the 'Whats in My Bag' video, I wouldn't dress this style down in a pair of jeans & T-shirt. The handbag is far too elegant to be worn with casual clothing such as sweats or leggings.

Nevertheless, I will note that the more masculine versions of the Lady Dior like the Matte Lady Dior, tends to pair better with the T-shirt & jeans look. I would still pair that outfit with a pair of J'aDior low heels to balance out the ensemble. Wear what you'd like. At the end of the day, certain outfits look better than others, and certain pieces compliment each other better.

If you would like the Lady Dior, but you want a handbag that mixes well with your everyday outfits, I would recommend the Lady D-Lite. Its another variation of the classic Lady Dior, but it is made of embroidered canvas. It still holds the iconic Lady Dior shape, but with an everyday-friendly material.

If you would like to keep the leather exterior, but still have a more versatile luxury handbag, I’d recommend the Medium Chanel Coco Handle in caviar leather. This one is on my luxury wishlist ;)

It’s a top handle and crossbody like the Lady Dior. It’s stunning & you’re able to dress up or down due to it's simpler quilting. I would choose the Coco Handle medium in black. In my opinion, the size small doesn't fit a lot.

Is it an everyday purse?

In the small size, I wouldn’t say this is an everyday purse due to the size & functionality. I think of an everyday purse as being durable, carefree, and versatile.

How could this be an everyday purse?

This could be an everyday purse for the lady who carries only the basic essentials such as a phone, wallet, lipstick, earphones + a bonus item.

If those are your everyday handbag needs, then the small Lady Dior could be your go-to.

Personally, I like to have the extra space in my everyday bag. Also, I don’t want to worry about rain or getting it wet or accidentally dirtying the purse during my coffee stops & grocery runs.

Usually, I like to carry a standard water bottle, my husband’s wallet (just to keep it safe 😉) and maybe a small planner to make me feel like I’m being productive, but I never actually use it. I, at least, want the option.

Due to the size, you don’t get the extra option, but if these items rarely apply to you & you dress up quite often, then yes, this could be an everyday purse.

If I wanted this style as an everyday purse, I would prefer the Lady Dior in the Medium size.

Thoughts on the Durability?

By the way, this lambskin isn’t as sensitive as the Chanel lambskin, so don’t worry too much. The lambskin is buttery smooth, but its quite durable. The only scratches I tend to notice is on the flap.

In the video, I show you the wear on the flap after 3 years of use. You can only see micro-scratches and it becomes noticeable in certain light. In my opinion, it's not anything to be too concerned about. It doesn't bother me since its not very noticeable. It's just simple surface scratches.  

Who would I recommend this to?

  I would recommend this as a going-out purse, go shopping, date nights, teatime, coffee & drinks with the ladies.

I wear this purse nearly anytime me & husband goes out or if I’m meeting my sister. My going-out style is more dressy casual. So whether my outfit pulls more dressy or actually dressy casual, this purse pairs well.

I would highly recommend this purse to any elegant lady. To me, this is the most feminine & elegant purse in the prestigious world of classic luxury handbags. Style-wise, I see the Lady Dior as the most princessy handbag, so that caters to my feminine & girly style aspirations.

This comes in different colors, materials & variations so it’s the perfect way to elevate your wardrobe, no matter your personal style. It’s like carrying around a lovely jewelry box or an art piece.

If this suits your lifestyle, then I’d say it’s a great choice. Always remember how many times would you actually wear this. For any purse you buy, its important to consider cost-per-wear and pinpoint the reason why you want to buy it and your intended use for it.

If you’re a mom who is constantly busy & need a catch-all, this size may not be right for you, perhaps the medium or large in lambskin or even the D-lite version. Same recommendations for the college student or everyday lady at work. 

Yet, if you’d like a quality, timeless ‘going-out’ purse, no matter your title, then I believe this is a great choice.

In terms of my fellow housewives, I wouldn’t take this for errands, grocery store trips or farmer market runs. It’s a nice piece of luxury, so you’re naturally more careful.

  I would say this is a gorgeous purse that I would like to have in multiple colors & variations. Dior creates the prettiest pinks that aren’t too juvenile & a bit more romantic & versatile when matching with pinks in your wardrobe. I’d love this in velvet or satin or even in their art pieces of the Lady Dior.

So, yes. The Lady Dior is doll-approved.


Let's Chat, Dolls

Price Increases

Last year, I was thinking about purchasing another small lambskin Lady Dior in the color blush. The price at the time was $4700. Now looking at the price, a small Lady Dior is $5,600. Within a year, the price has went up by almost $1000.

This isn't only unique to Dior. Chanel price increases are also a hot topic, since it increases every year and the price increased 4x times in 2021.

With that being said, is the Lady Dior worth the $5,600 price tag?

In all honesty, I don't believe any handbag is worth over $5000. Not even $3000. Yet, in the luxury world of luxury items, every item has a set price tag based on quality, brand, rarity, uniqueness and prestige. Based on those factors, I would purchase the small Lady Dior based on its current price.

The quality of the Lady Dior is exceptional and more than that, I fancy the brand. The handbag is durable for a lambskin purse, the details are luxury itself and I find the Lady Dior to be easily functional and oh so elegant. If I had to buy only one luxury handbag in a lifetime, it would be this one.

Reselling, The Investment & Buying Pre-Loved

The resell value of the Lady Dior is a common conversation in the luxury handbag community. In the current market, if you try to resell your Lady Dior you shouldn't expect a full return on investment. Expect to sell it for a lower amount than what you purchased it for.

Chanel handbags are infamous for reselling at the same price as it was purchased or even for a higher amount depending on the rarity and market demand.

That isn't common for the Lady Dior, which bring us the question, is the Lady Dior a good investment?

If you see yourself possibly reselling your Lady Dior in the future, then it may not be the best investment per say. If you're ever in a tight spot and you're in need, you can still expect the Lady Dior to sell at a decent price.

Unfortunately, within the past years, it is clear that the Lady Dior does not hold it's value.

That bring us to the next option.

Buy new or pre-loved?

Buying a gently used Lady Dior may be the better option for you if you consider the return on investment. Its common for some luxury handbag-lovers to buy rare, sold out, hard-to-find or like-new Chanel, LV, Hermes & Dior items on the resale market. After months of searching, I tracked down a rare Dior item & finally purchased it and unboxed in my 'Live a Soft Life with Me' vlog.

If you choose to explore that option, be sure to purchase from a reputable website or luxury consignment store. Learn more about the process, inspect the item and be sure to request proof of authenticity.

Christian Dior's Lady Dior vs. Chanel Classic Flap

As many fashion students can relate, when you're starting out early in your journey, you tend to favor a fashion designer and use their story or designs as inspiration.

For me, my favorite designer growing up was Christian Dior, therefore I value Dior's classic designs more dearly than others.

If I decided Coco Chanel's journey, ideals and designs connected with me more, then I'd probably value and favor Chanel handbags more than the Lady Dior.

At the end of the day, the emotional connection and memories impact my decision on buying luxury handbags.

Some ladies view Chanel handbags as the creme de la creme, the ultimate achievement in their wardrobe, due to the glamorous movies they watched as young girls.

I believe you should consider all factors, including quality, price, style, functionality, ROI, and connection, before deciding if the small Lady Dior or any handbag is 'worth it'.


Dolls, I hope this helps you with making your choice on purchasing your first Lady Dior.

Overall, I LOVE my Lady Dior & I'm so happy to have it in my forever handbag collection.

Please let me know if you'd like me to compare the Small Lady Dior to the Medium Lady Dior in a future video or blog post.

To see more of the Lady Dior and for a basic overview, watch 'Whats in My Lady Dior'.

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What was your first luxury handbag? Or what do you hope for it to be?

Whats on your wishlist for your luxury handbag collection?

Thoughts on the price increases?

What post or video should I share next?

Comment below!

Let's Chat, Dolls.


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