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10 Ways to Upgrade Your Life in 2022

Hello Dolls,

It is a New Year and oh, will it be a great one. Every year, I like to focus on getting better & better every year. Many of us would love the idea of having a upgrading in our lives this year. Sounds pretty nice to me. Yet, its more than just wishing for it, it's about making it a reality.

In one of my first video uploads for 2022, I share my Top 10 Tips to Upgrading Your Life this year, next year and so on. To get the first 10 Tips, Watch It HERE!

To ensure you have an Arsenal of ways to reach your upgraded life, I'm going to share MORE tips with you here.


11. Plan Goals that are Realistic, Reasonable & Significant in Your Life.

It's so easy to fall into the trap of keeping up with the Joneses, ESPECIALLY when they're showing off their Instagram-worthy life. Yet, look around you. Who are you truly competing with?

The fun thing about social media, is the fact that you can unfollow, unsubscribe someone

& poof!

they magically disappear.

Even in your real life, make sure that you focus on what's truly important.

Yes, luxury items & experiences are divine, but ensure that your life of quality is in all parts of your life.

Splurge here, save there, but overall focus on making & accomplishing goals that will put you in a

better position in life.

12. Don't Always Depend on People to Have a Good Time with You!

If you want to start living an upgrade & interesting life, you most likely want to indulge yourself in new experiences & things. Often times when it comes to events, parties, outings & traveling, we like to have a buddy there with us to enjoy the experience. I am the SAME WAY!

Yet, not everyone will be as excited as you to spend money in all the same ways that you want to. People may make plans with you, then cancel. Therefore, you shouldn't be too dependent on others to have a good time.

Plan times to step out of your comfort zone & do something alone. Attend that event that you've been wanting to go to in a solo fashion. Go to a coffee shop alone, go to shopping alone, perhaps dinner. Get yourself comfortable with not allowing other people's hesitation & lack of dependability hold you back from living life.

BE SAFE! Having a friend along with you, is a bit of a safety net, so chose your solo adventures carefully.

13. Get a Mentor

If you're more about upgrading your life, career-wise or relationship-wise, then consider finding a mentor. This could be an official mentor or an unofficial one. I've personally have had mentors in my life that happen naturally and other times to where it was planned. Either way, I was able to receive advice, guidance and tips from older, wise individuals who genuinely care about me accomplishing my goals.

There is something different about having someone who is dedicated to helping you to their best abilities. Friends & families could turn into mentors. There's also the options of joining a program dedicated to assigning mentors to young individuals and professionals. Either way, give it a try and I promise you, you will learn something new and beneficial.

14. Limit Your Screen Time

Social media, watching TV, or playing games, is one of our many favorite past-times. Yet, make sure you're not spending too much time obsessing over things that don't really matter.

Use those outlets to become inspired, connect with others or be entertained for a portion of time, but don't make it a HUGE part of your life in an unhealthy way. Prioritize off-screen time, by starting a new hobby, checking those items off your TO-DO list, spending time with family or plan something that you've always been wanting to do.

15. Grow in Your Faith

Along with your upgraded life journey, your spiritual journey is personal and significant. Getting to know God can help you realize what's truly important in life. By building a solid relationship with God, it can be revealed what goals really matter to you.

Self-realization, realizing my priorities and discovering my purpose, are a few blessings that I've experienced since I found Jesus.

What God has in store for you, is always greater than your own plans.

It's not only about receiving blessings, but also serving God and dedicating your life to Him.

Try attending church, speak to someone one-on-one, or watch an online sermon video to get yourself started.

How do you plan on upgrading your life this year? Comment Below!

& Let's Chat, Dolls.

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