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We’re Getting Serious...About Boots!

Winter oh Winter, how you and I will never get along. But with my boots, I can, I must and I will endure you. Okay, okay dolls, let’s get serious about our winter shoe collection! If I could, I’d hibernate through the winter season, like ole’ grizzly, but since that’s not possible, I am doing my best to rock this winter. I am giving you Dolls my favorite picks from my Winter Shoe Collection to help inspire your collection for this season! We can fashionably survive together

Every season is filled with beauty so let our wardrobe reflect that!

Now these shoes are my go-to wears for this season. Each one is much loved & favored in its own way. Also since you’re here, I will give you hand-selected shoe picks that are similar in style.

WATCH THE Feminine Winter Shoe Lookbook NOW!

Following the Youtube Video:

1. Miss Velvet


In my Commentary segment of the video, I mentioned how comfortable these boots were & I was not kidding. Due to the textured crushed velvet fabric, the boots do not show any marks or wear & tear. My sister bought me these boots 2 years ago & they still feel like I got them yesterday!

Shoe Details:

Brand: Mia Shoes

Style: Vicky

Height: 3 inches

Similar Styles!

Disco Daze Velvet Booties Mauve Pink Velvet Bow Bootie

2. Miss Baddie


The platform heel makes this boot super comfortable! It has a lot of space width-wise. Overall its a great walking boot with some sass!


Brand: Uhhhhh, idk. Lol apparently the brands logo is LFK.

Style: Timberlands aka Fimbs

Height: 3 inch Platforms

Similar Styles!

Timberland Premium Combat Boots

Timberland Tillston Combat Boots

3. Mrs. Dolly


Okay, breathe. Breatheeee. These boots are the ultimate feminine & sleek boots that EVERY Doll needs! Suprisingly I was going to purchase this boot in light blue, but then they sold out! Luckily, I ended up buying this style in bubblegum pink! I’m so happy I did. As beautiful and bold as these boots are, I would recommend sizing up for sock boots! I’m going to be honest with you, if beauty is pain then these boots are drop dead GORGEOUS. Okay Im kidding, these boots do hurt after a while of walking in them. BUT! I’m going to argue that it does not hurt as bad as other heels. These aren’t an everyday boot, these are definitely a STATEMENT boot and I’m perfecting fine with that.


Brand: Ego Shoes

Other: Knit

Height: 4 inches

Similar Styles!



4. Miss Thang

Okay say it with me: These boots are made for walking and that’s what they’re gonna do...


Yes these boots will make you feel like that chick. In my previous fashion videos, you’ve seen me pair these boots up with a furry mock neck sweater and a leather skirt. Its amazing how much confidence you can get by simply putting on a cute pair of shoes. Now due to the actual height, these boots arent the easiest things to get on. But I wouldn’t change the over-the-knee height for anything.


Brand: Ego Shoes

Height: 4 inches

Fabric: Lycra

Similar Styles!

So Much Yes Black Suede Over the Knee Boots Erin Black Stretch Thigh High Boots


Thank you dolls for reading another one of my blog post! Also, thank you for tuning in to my latest episode on Youtube! I hope you enjoyed the visuals, the review & the recommendations.

What is your FAVORITE boot style for winter? What shoe is your GO-TO for this season? The comment section is always open! Let’s Chat, Doll.


Ebony Nikita

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