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Your Summer is NOT COMPLETE without THESE:

Summer, oh Summer, How I Wish You Could Last Forever.

As Labor Day approaches and summer is wrapping up, its only right to check off ALL of this summer’s essentials AND favorites.

Other than sunny days, sea waves and cool treats, there are other summer MUST-HAVES which could continue into the start of the fall season.

1. The Perfect Swimsuit

Whether you’re still hitting up the beach or you’re preparing for a cruise ship getaway, you need the perfect swimsuit to help you stand out from the rest.

Lets not forget about the quest to take an Instagram-worthy picture.

Some of my favorite swimsuits are the Mero, Roseau and Quenchy swimsuits from the Ebony Nikita SWIM line.

The Mero Swimsuit is definitely an eye-catcher to say the least. It’s a walking showstopper in person AND on the gram.

The Roseau Swimsuit is simple but BOLD. It's one of the best-sellers from Ebony Nikita SWIM due to its fun color and its daring design, which covers up the common problem areas on a woman’s body.

The Quenchy Swimsuit comes in two designs and its the go-to swimsuit of the summer. It’s pattern celebrates the African culture and its easy to pack throw-on for last-minute beach trips.


2. FOOL-PROOF Makeup Routine

Everything is going great until your makeup decides to clocks out early or melt away. Having fool-proof and summer-fun makeup products are a MUST.

Stop Your Search for a Sweat-proof Foundation.

The Estee Lauder Double-Wear foundation is THE life-proof, medium to full coverage foundation. So there’s no longer a battle between you and the summer weather.

One of my summer makeup goodies is the Juvia’s Place Blush Palette V.2. This blush palette has a great variety of summer colors which will give your cheeks the perfect flush.


Skincare is my second love next to makeup. Having dependable skincare products will allow you to have the perfect makeup application and great skin for those actual no makeup days.

The Perfect Makeup Application Great Skin for those Actual No-Makeup Days.

Dudu Osun Black Soap is my go-to, everyday cleanser. It's a natural, organic and clean African black soap which cleanses your skin, diminishes acne and lighten dark spots. And that's only the beginning. It’s nothing new, it’s been used for many years by primarily Africans and Caribbeans. Commonly, you can find this product at your local African and Caribbean market and also at your beauty store.

Derma E Overnight Mask is my beauty product I can depend on for brightening dark spots, smoothing uneven texture.

Lets not forget it gives you a radiant glow.

Its light as a serum and you apply it right before you go to bed, then wash it off in the morning. Then...BEHOLD, glowing, porcelain skin.

Prada Candy Gloss Eau de Toilett. $100. Source:

4. Signature SUMMER Fragrance.

My love. The Prada Candy Gloss Perfum is a luxury item for your summer AND early autumn festivities. It's a mature twist on a playful and fruity scent. All you need is a couple of spritz of this perfume on your way out the door.


5. FESTIVALS! The Caribbean Festival to be exact.

An event filled with culture, music and delicious Caribbean food. Of course as a Dominican princess, this event is near and dear to my heart. Among other cities like New York, Atlanta hosts an annual Caribbean festival which fills street with vibrancy, fun and islander pride.

To complete your summer, you HAVE to come out and experience the joy of celebrating beautiful culture.


Make sure you check all of these goodies off your list before you close out your summer! Trust me.

Its For Your Own Good,

Ebony Nikita

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