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Is Zara worth the Hype? Try-On Haul & Brand Review

Hello Dolls,

Let’s talk about Zara. Yes, the store with long lineups, a cult-like social media following, and at least one trending outfit on social media every season. I never truly understood the obsession with Zara’s clothing. I would get mixed feedback, but every other influencer would do these massive try-on hauls amongst the other ‘Keep or Return’ TikToks & reels.

So, I decided to have a little Zara haul of my own and give an overall review of the brand’s clothing. Is it really worth the hype? Is Zara good for basics, special occasions, cute going-out outfits, outerwear? Well, in my try-on haul I test-out pieces from each category.

Zara try-on haul June 2023 is Zara worth it

Previous Purchases

In the past I’ve purchased from Zara on 3 different occasions. My first purchase was pretty much a bummer. I placed an online order & I was disappointed with what I actually received. The dress's fabric wasn’t the best and the sizing was way off.

My second order was a gold-button, pink cardigan with a matching skirt and I was smitten! After a few washing, three of the cardigan's buttons popped off. I was completely devastated. Was the pricing of the set too high? Yes, but it was worth it to me because I loved the style. Unfortunately, I'm still looking for replacement buttons.  

Now let’s see if Zara is doll-approved!

Watch my Zara Haul to see me try on each piece, show further details and give my initial thoughts.

Square-neck bodysuit

The Claude Monet


WHITE - REF. 3905/008

25.90 USD

Size: L, true to size

I was completely in love with this silhouette. I was looking for this to be a casual basic that I could pair with my multiple skirts. I could throw on this bodysuit when I’m casually running errands or going out for fun.

Yet, the quality of this bodysuit was such a turn off. Zara is truly ‘Instagram vs Reality’. On Zara’s website, this item on the model looks incredibly chic but simple.This top is a true Claude Monet painting in person. From a distance, it appears to be a lovely basic, but upon closer inspection, you can see its just a mess of a disappointment, in terms of quality. The neckline is permantely wrinkled due to it's construction and it will never be straight. I show these imperfections in the video.

 This bodysuit is only partially double-lined. It has this strange, short panel at the bust area that you have to move around to keep it in place. That means that if you're in a rush or moving your arms around too much, the front of your bodysuit will look sloppy. The fabric is stretchy and comfortable, but it seems cheap. Also, there are micro-fuzzies in several places. I predict, after three washes, the bodysuit is finished.

Although I love the chic, understated style, the poor-quality shouts louder. Needless to say, I do not recommend.


Ruched-front Crepe Midi Skirt with a split

– Everyday Elegant Staple


BLACK - REF. 7901/631

27.90 USD

Size: L, true to size

Prior to this haul, this was my last Zara buy. This skirt's fabric is gorgeous. When it comes to high-quality fashion pieces, crepe fabrics typically dependable.

My only complaint is the frayed thread along the split. This isn’t too uncommon when it comes to this design. I have to take a need & thread to that small problem area.

I would recommend all to go for dependable, thicker fabrics when it comes to shopping for basics from Zara.

Lightweight Pink Pocket Jacket

The Casual Pink Dazzle


BEIGE-PINK - REF. 3046/054

49.90 USD

Size: M

Sizing tip: Runs big. I sized down & Medium fits me perfectly.

I saw this jacket on social media a few months ago and thought it was quite darling. Surprisingly, it was still available on the website. It's quite soft...on the outside. In the try-on video, you can see my reaction to this discovery. It is not lined, and the softness of the outside of the jacket is not parallel to the softness of the inside. There are seams on the inside of the jacket's sleeves, which  compromises comfortability. That’s my overall disappointment with this piece.


The issue with the sleeves aren't crucial, but it would've been great to have the same fabric or, at the very least, lining on the inside to solve that problem. It shouldn't bother you as much if you're wearing long sleeves or a sweater. Since this is a transitional piece, I wanted to pair it with some of my summer pieces for the fall season.

Nonetheless, I still recommend this jacket. It’s the perfect casual, but stunningly elegant jacket at a reasonable price.

Double-breasted button Midi Skirt with front split

- The Lost Nautical Dream


BLACK - REF. 0085/166

35.90 USD

Size: L, true to size

I really wanted to love this style. It does come with a matching top (more like a bra) and I was tempted to purchase the full set but with my full DDs, I had to be realistic. The limited sizing for these garments, which only went from small to large, impacted that vote. So, I opted for only buying the skirt.

Initially I was disappointed by the skirt’s fabric, but once its on its quite nice. When I put on this skirt while wearing the bodysuit, the panty lines of the bodysuit showed through the skirt. I will add that the lining of the bodysuit was a little thick and not really flat.

As of course, the buttons must be tightened or else we’ll end up with another pink cardigan situation. This skirt also had a loose thread issue with the front split. Overall, I was underwhelmed with the quality. It was okay. I adore matching sets, and the limited sizing was a snub that added insult to injury. This was a sadly lost nautical dream.

I would recommend this skirt since it's pretty decent quality. I highly recommend if you are genuinely in love with the aesthetic of this set and your proportions can fit into the matching top and bottom.

Coral Red Linen Blazer & Pleated Skirt

The Preppy Tempt


CORAL - REF. 3006/351

59.90 USD

Size: M


CORAL - REF. 2078/351

45.90 USD

Size: L

The skirt was on the shorter side

This set prompted me to purchase from Zara again. I have a thing for blazer skirt sets. This looked like the perfect preppy summer set that I could mix & match with other items in my wardrobe.

The Blazer

I love the fit of this blazer. The overall tailored design is flattering to the body. It has shoulder pads, but they aren’t exaggerated and obnoxiously trendy. I don't mind that there is no lining on the inside of the blazer. This is a linen-like fabric that is ideal for hot summer days. Lining would have detracted from one of linen's main selling points: its lightweight, breezy texture. These buttons, unlike the others, were not clinging on for dear life. The buttons are gorgeous and made of metal.

The Skirt

I showed in the video, there were loose threads that were popping up and bothersome. Yet, that was nothing  compared to the awkward extra-long zipper that was used on this skirt. In the video, I give an elegant rant, but since this skirt has built-in shorts, it shouldn't be too troublesome.

Unfortunately, this skirt is too short on me. It covers the cheeks and that’s about it. I have to forget about bending over, reaching over or moving too swiftly. I'm debating whether I should size up or just axe the entire set. Because the XL isn't available in-store in my area, repurchasing online in the hopes of adding 1-2 inches in length by sizing up would be a gamble.

Nonetheless, I would recommend this set in general. It's darling and of decent quality. Could it be a lower price? Yes, but again I have a thing for blazer skirt sets.


Overall, Zara is a hit-or-miss. Avoid being tempted by all the trendy styles flaunted on social media, because the quality of those items is your true reality.

At the end of the day, this is a fast fashion brand. It's not exceptional quality, but decent quality. I believe Zara should have every time about $10-$15 cheaper than it's actual list price.

For future shopping purposes, go in-store and watch real review videos of the items you're truly captivated by. That can help you avoid the checkout and return lines and save you a significant amount of money.

I would recommend Zara for the statement outfits & unique key pieces for your wardrobe.


Whats your experience Zara's clothing?

Share your recommendations!

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