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Lets Review SKIMS: Shapewear, Bra & the Viral Soft Lounge Dress

Hello Dolls,

For a while I've had my eyes on SKIMS. Completely intrigued by its minimal, feminine, cool girl aesthetic created by Kim Kardashian. The SKIMS Soft Lounge dress went viral and ever since then I've been curious if SKIMS is worth the price tag.

skims try  on and review of soft lounge dress, bralette and high waist core control thong and mid waist brief size large and medium

We all know Kim for her hourglass shape, but could wearing SKIMS actually mimic that look of a small waist & voluptuous hips?

In my experience, shape wear is tight, uncomfortable and worn only if you absolutely need it for a special occasion. Sure, I'd consider wearing shape wear if I were to attend a special event, but not as an everyday essential as SKIMS advertise.

Nonetheless, I satisfied my curiosity about 2 months ago when I purchased the SKIMS Solutionwear: Core Control Thong, Seamless Sculpt Sculpting Mid Waist Brief, along with their Seamless Sculpt Sculpting Bra and of course the Soft Lounge Dress.

skims soft lounge long sleeve dress, skims bralette, skims core control thong, skims mid waist brief size medium size large review and try on haul

In my SKIMS review video, I try on each item, compare SKIMS to dupes and alternatives and try on the soft lounge dress with each shape wear. I will also share me and my mom's personal size, sizing tips and my recommendations.

SKIMS Soft Lounge Dress.

skims review skims soft lounge long sleeve dress wine burgundy

Wearing the SKIMS Soft Lounge dress with SKIMS Core Control High-Waisted Thong

Size. Large.

Color. Wine.

Price. $78,

Shop. Here.

Shop Color Wine. Here.

I purchased the long sleeve soft lounge dress in hopes of wearing it in the fall and winter season. The fabric indeed is soft with a silky touch to it. It's made of a lightweight, slightly stretchy, casual ribbed fabric that is easy to slip on and off.

It's a maxi style column style dress that effortlessly drapes to the ankles.

You can feel your legs move against the fabric as you walk, but its not restricting. It does not have a slit, opening or back vent, but you can still walk around in the dress with ease.

skims review soft lounge long sleeve dress wine burgundy

Although its lightweight, it does not feel cheap.

It is not comparable to your typical $20 ribbed fabric you can find at a discount clothing store.

Is it slimming?

No, this doesn't have any shape wear constructed into the dress. It makes sense why it doesn't since it is indeed a lounging dress.

You want to feel comfortable enough to snuggle up at home and get hours of comfortable wear.

With that being said, the silhouette of the dress is very flattering to the feminine body shape. It drapes itself to your body beautifully.

How does it compare to dupes?

If you want an affordable maxi dress, then you can buy one anywhere. In my review video, I tried on a simple, cheap maxi dress from Temu that I genuinely like. Its nice, but there's nothing special about it. It's a completely different feel of fabric than the SKIMS soft lounge dress, but it will do for casual outings.

skims review  affordable dupe alternative to soft lounge dress

Wearing an alternative to the SKIMS Soft Lounge dress with SKIMS Core Control High-Waisted Thong

Yet, the special part about the SKIMS soft lounge dress is the softness and quality of the fabric. It's soft, comfortable and doesn't feel lackluster after 3 washes. Thats what its all about in my opinion. Just like with any other brand in the world, there will always be a cheaper alternative. Yet, I believe SKIMS stands tall against it's dupes.

When I do my next haul, I will compare SKIMS soft lounge dress to a favored competitor on Amazon and share my thoughts with you Dolls.

I appreciate the honesty in Skims advertising.

It doesn't show a plus-size model wearing this dress and suddenly her tummy disappears and she has a flat stomach. Realistically, a body con dress will not mask any natural lumps and curves, it does the opposite. I don't have a flat stomach either and I appreciate the normalization of that in Skims advertising. So if I'm not sucking in, my little tummy will show in this dress.

Is it worth the price tag?

Well yes, it actually is. This dress is versatile as you can wear it lounging at home or out shopping or on a casual date. The casual fabric is comfortable, of good quality, and holds up in the wash.

I'm looking to purchase this dress in another style and color for the spring and summer season. The soft lounge dress comes in a variety of styles from crewneck, to tank style, to short sleeve and the list goes on and on.

SKIMS Seamless Sculpt Sculpting Bralette.

 skims seamless sculpt sculpting bralette clay review

Size. Large/Extra Large.

Color. Clay.

Price. $32, now $38.

Shop. Here.

This bra has zero padding or wires and yet my size 34 DD chest feels supported and comfortable. It's made out of a lightweight, thin and stretchy material. This bra is not your bff in hiding your nipple print from showing through when wearing tight tops.

It has a silicone band trimming. This band is what I assume to be the major support system to such a lightweight bra.

 skims seamless sculpt sculpting bralette clay review

Oddly enough, wearing this bra gives me a 'water balloon' effect.

Have you ever held a water balloon upside down from its tail end? That suspension is similar to the way this bra holds my chest. It's not uncomfortable by any means. In fact, its one of my favorite bras to throw on in the summer and for casual days.

Would I recommend?

I wouldn't say this is a necessity when it comes to buying from SKIMS. It is a nice addition to my bra collection and my favorite bralette. Yet, this is not a strong, must-have recommendation. I would recommend if you're looking for a lightweight bralette.



My Typical Sizing.

Bra. 34 DD

Top. Medium or Large.

Dress. 8.

Bottoms. Size 8.

Jeans. 29 or 30.

I tried to use the SKIMS size chart to figure out my size. My waist measurements match a size medium, but my hips measurements match a size large. I was definitely confused on which size to order. I contemplated again and again while looking at the size chart and the online pictures showing different models wearing both sizes.

As you would assume, if I'm looking to get that tiny waist effect then my best bet is to order the size medium as it would snatch my waist in more.

Well in that case, I was wrong. I ordered the size medium and it was overall a hair too snug when it came to the hips and butt area. This caused panty lines, bulging and took away from the desirable smooth silhouette.

Core Control High-Waisted Thong.

skims core control high waisted thong review

Strong, targeted compression for shaping & sculpting.

Support Level. Strong.

Size. Large.

Color. Sienna.

Price. $34

Shop. Here.

I successfully ordered the correct size with this one. Now, let me cut to the chase. I am in LOVE with this shape wear. The top of the thong has a stiff hold while the bottom area is soft and stretchy. Around the back of the waistline is a silicone band designed to keep the shape wear up.

I asked earlier,

We all know Kim for her hourglass shape, but could wearing SKIMS actually mimic that look of a small waist & voluptuous hips?

I mentioned earlier,

In my experience, shape wear is tight, uncomfortable and worn only if you absolutely need it for a special occasion. Sure, I'd consider wearing shape wear if I were to attend a special event, but not as an everyday essential as SKIMS advertise.

Somehow SKIMS did it. Yes, by wearing SKIMS, you can mimic the curves of an hourglass. This solutionwear as Kim calls it, is indeed the solution, the answer and the everyday essential to achieving that look.

It's not a corset, so your waist won't disappear by 4 inches,

BUT it does impressively bring your waist in to mimic the hourglass effect. When I first tried this on, I started to glow and feel so beautiful and confident.

My friend asked me about SKIMS a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't help but rave to her about it. It truly smooths your shape, gives you that Kim K effect to your silhuette and it is truly comfortably so you can wear it every single day.

Is it worth it?

Um, a thousand times YES. It's priced very well, has a variety of nude colors and it's everyday wearable. I would recommend to any lady even if you're a size zero.

Seamless Sculpt Sculpting Mid Waist Briefs.

skims seamless sculpt mid waist brief review

Strong, targeted compression for shaping & sculpting.

Support Level. Strong.

Size. Medium.

Color. Clay.

Price. $32

Shop. Here.

This shape wear has a silicone band that wraps all the way around the waistline. Although this size medium did not fit me perfectly, it was still on par and as comfortable as the core control thong.

Despite the tightness around the bum and hips area, this shape wear did give my bum a nice little lift as I showed in the review video. When in doubt, size up. I would like to try out the strapless bodysuit shorts shape wear next.

My Mother's Review.

As I mentioned in my review video, I will share my mother's sizing and review of her SKIMS order. She ordered the core control thong in a size extra large. While I rave about this item, she feels otherwise. She mentioned her core control thong rolls down. Thats the same thing I experienced when I tried on the mid waist brief in a size medium, when my suitable size is a large. Thats her only complaint which definitely interferes with the use and purpose of purchasing shapewear.



I couldn't recommend the items I purchased from SKIMS enough. More specifically, my favorites number one favorite, control control thong and my second fav, the soft lounge dress.

Purchasing the correct size, makes all the difference.

If you notice, I was most happiest with the shapewear in a size large, which fits me best. If I only ordered shapewear in a size medium, then I would be very disappointed. Truth be told I would most likely, not buy another shape wear item from SKIMS. With that being said, sizing truly matters.

Sales & Launches.

Skims is currently having a sale which I recall being ongoing since August 2023 and now its the end of September. I originally purchased my items from Net-a-porter since these staple items were on sale when it's not on sale on the SKIMS primarily has sales for their seasonal launches of swimwear and other style launches like the shimmer line, cozy line, loungewear sweats, and items in seasonal colors. As I'm creating this post, SKIMS launched a new 'Fits Everybody' line of items in 4 different seasonal colors. I notice sizes run out quickly during sales and new launches.

I'd recommend purchasing your basics and staples in your desired colors first. Then for any 'maybe' styles, consider purchasing those items during sales if you're willing to risk your size running out of stock.

I'm excited to style my soft lounge dress and purchase more shapewear and casual styles from SKIMS.

Darling Picks.


Watch the SKIMS Try-on Haul & Review video to see how SKIMS look in motion and on the body.

Have you tried any items from SKIMS?

What items from SKIMS should I review next?

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