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The Best Hidden Gem in 'Cool Girl' Shoulder Bags | Vintage Gucci Bag Reveal

Hello Dolls,

I've been on the hunt for the perfect vintage handbag for about 2 years. After scouring the online vintage market, watching & reading an unhealthy amount of video handbag reviews and patiently waiting for the best price, I finally purchased a vintage handbag that I had no idea existed.

In my First Vintage Handbag Reveal video, I share what fits inside this gem of a handbag along with mod-shots, pros & cons and a further look at the gorgeous Gucci details.

I always thought my first vintage handbag would be a Chanel bag. Once I found this Gucci shoulder bag, I was more than happy since this style suited my lifestyle needs all so well.

Funny thing is that I have no idea what the actual name of this handbag is. Yet, its an unsung hero, a hidden gem and a must-have luxury bag for every cool girl's wardrobe. Now I find myself more in the feminine elegant style category rather than in the 'cool girl' style clique. With its chic, minimal, yet bold style, this shoulder bag has opened up many styling possibilities.

From the simple leather pipe-style strap, to the gunmetal hardware, to he subtle monochromatic Gucci logo print, this handbag is an understated, yet everyday statement.

This style is very in-line with Tom Ford's creative direction for the House of Gucci in the 90s.

If any luxury fashion-lovers recall, Tom Ford brought back the Gucci Jackie bag, but modernized it with more modern, streamline hardware. Of course I'm a lover of vintage things and especially time period fashion. I just have to share with you my 90s minimalist chic fashion inspiration. Simple, but bold.

Let's talk about this babe's features, pros & cons along with my vintage shopping experience and the tips I have to share.



- Gucci GG Print Canvas Exterior - Detachable Leather Pipe Strap -

- Metal Strap Attachments - Leather Base & Side Trim -

- Leather-lined Zipper - Canvas Interior - Interior Zipper Pocket -


The condition of this bag is excellent. Not, new-in-box & unused, but excellent condition considering this handbag is nearly my age. The only wear I have on this bag are soft, hairline scratches on the hardware and light creases and scratches on the leather. Honestly, you can barely see it and no one could guess it's a 20 year old bag, instead I'd think "hmmm...maybe its about 2 years old."


I was searching through Rebag, Ebay, Fashionphile and Vestaire Collective for the best prices. I ended up purchasing this handbag through Vestaire Collective. Some sellers on the site allow you to negotiate on the price, so I was happy to do a bit of tug-of-war to receive the best offer. VC also offers authentication services for a low fee of $15. Before the bag reaches your delivery address, it stops at the Vestaire Collective to be authenticated by experts.

I scored it for such a great price that its worth celebrating.

In total, I only paid $275 for this handbag. YES, this bag is more affordable than a Tory Burch, Michael Kors or Coach handbag. I love luxury and if I could have a bit of luxury at a reasonable price, then I'm completely smitten.

On most pre-loved websites, vintage Gucci handbags range between $300- $800. The price that each handbag is listed and sold for is influenced by its condition, style, rarity, and popularity. There were similar options available for between $200 and $400, but unfortunately some of them had stained or slightly ripped canvas, worn edges, or other issues. I was willing to pay an extra $100 - $200 for a vintage bag in better condition. Luckily, I was able to be contain my eagerness and pounce on the right bag when opportunity presented itself.

My seller was located in the USA so, I was able to receive this handbag within a week. It also came with an original dust bag, which I do appreciate.




Detachable Straps.

I style this handbag in my video and I, too, was surprised when I realized I could wear this handbag as a clutch. Also, you could attach a longer strap to make this into a crossbody bag. If I ever get bored and want to switch up the style, I have another option of purchasing different strap.


With that being said, this bag is extremely versatile. I wear this to the grocery store, shopping mall, park, airport or even date night.

In the video, I share 'Whats in my Bag' right before I visit the museum. Whether I'm dolled up, sporting a casual look or anywhere in between, I'm able to pair this bag with almost every outfit.

Comparable to Current Available Luxury Bags on the Market.

This style is pretty timeless in my opinion. It looks very similar to handbags currently on the market from the House of Gucci. Gucci is currently selling the similar handbag styles for about 4x the price.

Now is the time to purchase vintage Gucci.

The Gucci craze has softly died down, but there are so many gorgeous & cool girl-approved bags from the Gucci archives. Right now is the best time to snag a deal while everyone else is busy looking at other luxury houses.

The Gucci Logo Print is a Classic.

One of the things I like about this subtle, yet distinctly Gucci motif is that Gucci handbags are still created in it. Gucci also has darling Ready-to-Wear pieces in this print. Cue a Gucci Girl moment! This keeps this bag style very relevant in today's fashion.

It can fit A LOT & I mean A LOT of Items.

In the video, you'll see I can comfortably fit more than the basic everyday necessities into this small, but mighty shoulder bag. I have a peace of mind knowing that I don't have to play a game of Tetris with my handbag before rushing out the door.


Well there's only one con. Due to the weight of the strap's metal attachments and the curved shape of the bag, the sides tend to cave in or fold over when the bag is sitting by itself. This isn't an issue when the bag is on your shoulder or in-hand. Nevertheless, I think the slight slouch look adds cool points to this bag.


Final Thoughts

Due to it's durability, versatility and chic look, I couldn't ever imagine getting rid of this handbag. It makes for the perfect roomy, keep all, everyday bag that isn't an actual bulky tote. In the future, I can see myself wearing this handbag as a mom. It's carefree enough so I wouldn't have to worry too much about sticky fingers, spilling snacks or trying to fit in extra kiddie items.


Shopping Tips for

Buying Vintage

If You're on the Hunt for a Similar Vintage Shoulder Bag Style...

Avoid purchasing a bag with heavy-wear on the corners. I purposely purchased this handbag style because it has leather trim along the base and sides. This is a great way to avoid further rips and tears on the corners of the bag.

Typically, majority of bags show the most wear on the corners. Buying a vintage bag with leather corners is the best option because leather can usually be repaired. Keep in mind that most ripped nylon and canvas fabric aren't repairable by most handbag repair artisans. I say skip that bag unless you're willing to redesign it or if you have a trusted leather repair artisan who is skilled enough to hide or repair ripped fabric bags.

There's always other vintage handbags in better condition that may be priced slightly higher. Or you could always find a similar handbag at a lower price.

When It Comes to Buying Vintage...

Take your time to find the right bag for you. Don't feel rushed to scoop up the next bag that's going for a low price. Especially if it doesn't truly suit your lifestyle or wardrobe needs.

Shop through reputable sites or consignment shops. I prefer to shop from sites that guarantee authenticity or has a favorable return policy in case you choose to get your handbag authenticated by a 3rd-party service.

Always shop with a purpose. Have a clear idea of what your top 3 handbag needs are. Try to avoid one-hit wonders, especially if its not functional.

Keep in mind what handbag material, color, size and style would best suit your wardrobe and personal style. I've noticed my favorite and most used bags happen to be very versatile!



Dolls, what are your thoughts about this Vintage find?

Do you own any vintage luxury handbags?

Comment below!

Let's Chat Dolls.


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