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How to GROW within Your Femininity in 2022

Hello Dolls,

It is a beautiful new year and we want to start it off strong. Us, as feminine ladies, must prioritize caring and loving ourselves, while continuing to have a passion to grow and become well-rounded, feminine ladies. This year, I am going to provide you Dolls with more detailed guides to help you grow within your femininity! So be sure to stay subscribed to my channel and blog, so you won't miss out!

In my video, Feminine Habits to Start in 2022, I shared amazing, new practices that every lady should include into her life. Today, I'll be expanding on certain focuses that feminine ladies should prioritize this year.

Focus on your Weaknesses.

here may be a weakness that is holding you back from growing in your femininity.

For some is temper, lack of self-control, attitude, lack of etiquette, an unfiltered mouth and the list goes on.

You want to feel feminine by dressing up very prettily, but you want to be feminine overall.

Focus on finding the solution for your weaknesses this year. In result, you'll yield great results within your femininity, relationships and more.

Incorporate Femininity in Big and Small Ways.

hile on your femininity journey, its very easy to gravitate to updating your wardrobe with feminine clothing, experimenting with makeup and other exciting femininity journey planning.

All of those things are pretty fun parts of your journey.

Yet, it's important to incorporate feminine outings and hobbies into your life.

This could be caring your younger family members, which is tuning into the nurturing part of being feminine, taking a class on traditional life skills like cooking or sewing, or even attending events that are primarily focused on women, like bridal fairs or women-owned business events.

Remain Inspired!

want to thank you for watching my videos, following me on Instagram and reading my blog posts. There are more incredible content creators who could inspire you on your journey.

This goes back to the previous tip. Incorporate femininity in the small ways.

How long do you spend on social media?

Might as well add a couple of positive femininity profiles and channels into your daily feed.

There are more feminine fashion creators, traditional living accounts and Christian marriage pages on social media, just waiting for more like-minded ladies to join their community.

In my previous blog post, 'Feminine Black Homemakers & Content Creators You Should Know', I shared some of my other favorite accounts filled with feminine fashion, lifestyle and relationship inspiration.

If you're looking to start feminine habits, I have a lot of previous content to inspire you!


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What are your femininity goals for this year?

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