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My MUST-HAVE Summer Beauty Favorites

The turning of the summer season requires new beauty must-haves to cater to our seasonal needs. Shall we begin?

Cream Blush

Okay Dolls, any cream blush with the PML foundation is a pure modelesque, perfect-skin dream. My current favorite is the Shiseido Minimalist whipped powder blush in the perfect pinky coral color in Sonoya 1. If you can find it, buy it! Its been going in & out of stock for the past couple of months now. I’m afraid it may be discontinued soon!

It’s lightweight, velvety and melts in the skin beautifully.

It’s buildable so you can really apply it lightly for that barely-there, natural makeup look or you can go full Kawaii-girl blush without looking crazy. I used this blush in my 6 am Housewife Morning Routine Vlog.

The Westman Atelier blush cream stick is another great selection. I have it in the color Poppet.

Watch My 15-minute Feminine Beauty routine to see it in action.

My next cream blush on my wishlist is the LYS matte cream blush in ANY color. I’ve swatched their shades & their formula seems unique & yummy!

Either way, cream blush melts into your skin and gives you a naturally flushed look. I even wear it on my no-foundation days.

I can’t do without it this summer!


And now I’m a believer. Honestly, I remained unbothered about applying sunscreen every day. I come from a family of islanders & southerners, where both climates get HOT. I only knew of one aunt who wore sunscreen every day. So, sunscreen wasn’t a priority for me unless I decided to go to the beach.

Ever since my esthetician gave me sunscreen after getting a TCA peel, I have really seen the difference when it comes to dark spots after acne marks.

(BTW my skin has been HEALTHILY GLOWING after that TCA Peel, amen! I’ll share more about my experience in my next vlog)

Now, I don’t leave the house without a quick sunscreen application. I’ve been using my esthetician’s brand, but since running out I’ve used the Innisfree sunscreen.


This is what healthy skin looks like.

I was daring enough to wear the PML sublime perfection foundation without setting it with powder and……I loveWith or without powder, your skin looks healthy, glowing & like skin. This has swooped in as my go-to foundation.

It’s lightweight but gives a beautiful finish and it’s buildable for more coverage. I would say this foundation leans more towards the medium-light coverage. Not exactly medium coverage and not exactly light coverage. This is perfect for the summer season.

Lash extensions

So, this is an obvious beauty staple for me, and I recommend lash extensions for all seasons. Yet, the summer calls for easy, care-free beauty fun, and lash extensions cater to that lifestyle.

I used to be a strip lash girl, but I can’t be bothered with that maintenance, especially during the spontaneous summer days & nights.

You can go for a lighter ‘’classic’ set for the lighter and natural look or you can go for my go-to, the hybrid set. Hybrid lashes are the perfect medium between the light and the full set of lashes. It’s appropriate for work, play, and planned rendezvous.

Every 2-3 weeks, you will have to get refills to keep up the look or you can do one-and-done lash extensions for holidays, vacations & special events.


I could definitely go for a tinted lip oil + lip liner combo for the summer season, BUT there’s something about a nude matte lip that still captures me.

These two opposite lip combos fight for me every day. I do make a choice based on my mood and outfit.

The Dior Nude Look 100, is a darling lipstick choice for the summer season.

A matte lip gives a chic finish to any look.

I pair this lipstick with a burgundy-brown lip liner

et voila!

Summer nude chicness in 2 easy steps.

Sometimes I even pair this lip combo with a shiny lip gloss if my spirit beckons for it.

Summer fragrance

Jasmin des Anges by Maison DIOR gives me the feminine urge to go on a summer Museum date and let the romance blossom over a dinner ONLY if he greets me with cream-colored roses. Not white roses, butcream.

This could easily be a signature fragrance for any feminine lady. It’s sexy, soft, sweet, and alluring. You can wear this parfum day or night.

Dior says:

The fragrance Jasmin des Anges is like a stroll through the fields of jasmine in Grasse, where the scent of the flower fills the air. This fragrance is rooted in the south of France and echoes the name of the legendary Baie des Anges in Nice.

Its fragrance trail lingers in the air like the late summer.

FAMILY: Fruity floral


What are some of your FAVORITE summer beauty products that you simply won’t go without?

Have you tried Cream Blush yet?

Comment Below!

Lets Chat, Dolls.

Always with Love,

Ebony Nikita Okeke

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